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April 8, 2009

Pulp Gaming: Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere Juggernaut

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I recently got a bunch of the ‘Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere’ from Pulp Figures

There are three packs, PWM16-18, each of 5 figures (with one figure being an emplaced ray gun).


As always, they are cleanly cast, with no flash, and minimal mould lines.

zombi04 zombi05 zombi03


The figures themselves represent the rubber-suited minions of an evil mastermind in the spirit of the old movie serials.

They are animated and full of character: Angry, evil, and full of loathing for puny humanity

zombi07 zomb01

They portray these minions well, evoking the genre perfectly: So much so that I had to build a juggernaut to accompany them.


The Juggernaut is loosely based on the vehicle in the ‘Undersea Empire’ serial of the 1930’s.

The body is made from styrene sheet of various thicknesses, and the rivets are punched using a 1mm hole punch.

I bought a plastic model tank at a dollar store, intending to use it’s single-piece tracks , but they proved unsuitable. Thankfully it also had wheels so it could roll, and these were perfect.


The windows/shutters were made from plastic & stretched sprue, and were built on a soft plastic sheet. When they were hard, I popped them off the sheet and attached them to the turret.


The roof hatch opens so the commander can look impressive as it screams along the road. The ray gun can be placed on the roof for morefirepower.


The front boss is a button, and the spikes are small nails.

When finished, I spray painted the juggernaut, and weathered it with a mixture of magic wash and cat hair. (Not that I WANTED the cat hair….)

I am pleased with the juggernaut, and I am VERY pleased with my Pulp Figures Zombies of the Ionosphere.


Buy some now!


Pulp Figures
Address P.O. Box 29063
Okanagan Mission R.P.O.
Kelowna, BC








  1. Awesome. I have some paroom Station figs that would go great with these!

    Comment by Clint Staples — May 12, 2015 @ 17:10

  2. […] scenario is a simple one: At a secret base, Nazis are meeting with the Dreaded Radon Zombies, who are going to give them Flying Saucer technology that will win the war. The Spy Smashers have […]

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