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August 9, 2015

Pulp Adventures – Build a Flying Saucer

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My Pulp Nazis are negotiating with the Radon Zombies to get Flying Saucer technology that will win the war. As a result, I needed a Flying Saucer.


There are a few commercial kits available, but my local shops don’t carry any of them. They are also a bit expensive for a terrain piece I’ll probably never use again.


I went to the local Dollar store, and looked in the housewares section. Sure enough, I found two bakelite plates the right size. Bakelite is a hard plastic that accepts crazy glue and paint well.

The hardware/gadget section provided a touch light: A dome that lights up when you press it down.

I glued the two plates together. When dry, I sanded the centre areas smooth.


I drilled three holes for the legs (flight stands from SPACE 1889’s Sky Galleons game) and glued them in place. I added four flight stand bases as random detail.

The body was spray-painted silver, as was the lower ring of the touch light.


To retain access to the batteries, the touch light just sits loose atop the saucer base. The saucer has the tall-tower look of early saucer sightings, and a similar lack of greeblies and small details.


The light-up dome provides amazing special effects at a low price: The plates were a dollar each, and the touch light was two dollars.

It may not look like a million dollars, but I’m trying to re-create pulp films. They didn’t have a million dollars either.



  1. Great idea and very well executed.


    Comment by Tony Harwood — August 10, 2015 @ 04:25

  2. Excellent!!!

    Comment by Annemarie D'Amato — August 10, 2015 @ 18:25

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