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December 15, 2016

SPACE 1889: Martian Flyer

This is a laser-cut MDF Martian skiff from RedVectors. It’s a lovely kit, well designed, and a joy to build. I recommend it.


Stylistically it’s strongly influenced by the Desert Skiffs in Star Wars. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a good look. It’s useful for Star Wars, Barsoom, SPACE 1889, or of course any other game with flying boats.

It comes with a stand as shown, but it isn’t perfectly stable, especially with a metal crew. Having the supports farther apart, a longer base, or farther back on the hull might help.


The crew shown above are my Martian Marines from Forlorn Hope Games, with a RAFM pilot.

There are two options for the prow: The railing as shown, or an oval platform for a gun. I think there is also an option for the hull with layered MDF making a solid stepped hull.


The  railings and other fittings are best (or most easily) painted before assembly (I couldn’t wait, and assembled it as soon as it arrived)


There is no visible means of propulsion, but if you want it, a propeller is easily added.

Now if they’d only build one 50% longer.



  1. Feedback noted 🙂 Larger base will be included at next revision and , yes you are correct, two styles of hull are available, ribbed or stepped.
    You want it larger ? no problem…. just gimme a few days …..

    Comment by mick brookes — December 15, 2016 @ 08:36

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