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July 29, 2017

SPACE 1889: City-State Spearmen


This unit is made up of ex-Grenadier High Elven spearmen, from Forlorn Hope Games. There are several styles in the range, and I chose the one with the upswept shield because it resembles a shield in the RAFM Martian Legion.


As is my wont, I replaced the spears with pole weapons made from floral wire. The supplied spears were fine, but wire is stronger and I wanted a variety of cutting blades rather than spears.

There are two types, in equal numbers: A straight blade, and a curved glaive blade. I formed the blades and then hammered them flat on a small anvil. Each has a small tsuba punched from sheet plastic.


The officer is a spearman with his spear replaced with a wire sword. The sword was made like the glaives, but with a short handle. The standard was printed on my computer, and the pole was twisted from the same wire as the spears..

This unit matches two other units and a gashant cavalry unit in style, so they all have similar standards, in different colours. The four units make a good force on their own.


  1. Very nice, love the colour combination on these.

    Cheers Roger.

    Comment by rantingsfromunder — July 30, 2017 @ 07:36

  2. Thanks Roger, if you love these, you might not love the rest! I tried to do my Martian units with colours I wouldn’t use on human units. (Mint green, aqua, sky blue, etc.) Normally I stick with heraldic colours.

    Comment by gisby — July 30, 2017 @ 16:18

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