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July 27, 2018

SPACE 1889: City-State Cutters

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This unit is made up of ex-Grenadier High Elven axemen and swordsmen, from Forlorn Hope Games. I wanted some more variety in units, as Mars is a big place: Armour fashions must vary from city to city.


Martian troops seem quite fond of big chopping weapons, so these figures fit right in. There are equal numbers of axes and swords in the ranks. They look quite determined, even eager to get into the fray.

I had thought of doing separate units of the two types, but decided against it.


The officer is a spearman with his spear replaced with a wire sword. The standard bearer is an axeman with a wire staff, and a standard printed on my computer.


This unit matches two otherĀ  infantry units and a gashant cavalry unit in style, so they can be used as an Allied or Enemy force on their own.



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