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August 1, 2018

SPACE 1889: Lancer Cavalry


This unit was originally intended to go on Tauntauns: I thought the long skinny lance on the awkward-looking mount would be both alien-looking and funny. But when it came time to make this unit, I thought it was the LAST of my cavalry units,  and I had a box of Thoats ready for it.


I thought nothing of it, and completed the unit. It was only then that I found the Tauntauns I had intended to use.

There was still a unit to go, that I WAS going to put on Thoats. It wound up on the Tauntauns. Oh well….


But I think they look good on Thoats: Certainly the heavier mount makes them look fiercer. The combination of lance and sword caused me to treat them as a hell-for-leather berserker unit.


The rider is an ex-Grenadier Elven standard bearer from Forlorn Hope Games, with a lance made from floral wire.


The Standard bearer has a standard printed on my computer, and the pole is twisted from more floral wire.


  1. Another really nice unit, the mounts work really well with the unintended riders, I like the idea of a berserker unit. It would be nice to see a picture of all your Space 1889 units laid out together, they must be a pretty impressive sight by now!

    Cheers Roger.

    Comment by rantingsfromunder — August 1, 2018 @ 11:00

    • Thanks again! There are certainly a LOT of Martians by now…. I don’t know how impressive they look as a bunch – The RAFM legions are a bunch of mismatched poses, The ex-Grenadier Steppe Martians are mixed poses, and the ex-Grenadier Canal Martians are almost single-pose… There’s no theme, no rhyme or reason. Each set by itself looks good, but as a whole they may be too disparate. And there are still more in the pipeline.

      Comment by gisby — August 1, 2018 @ 14:33

      • I think you do yourself a disservice Tim, I like a bit of Irregularity in an army, as it makes it look a bit more real to my eyes. I understand if you want to wait until you have all the units finished to present us with the whole package as it were. 🙂

        Cheers Roger.

        Comment by rantingsfromunder — August 3, 2018 @ 03:55

      • It’s not the irregularity so much as the inconsistency of irregularity. Some units are regular, some are not. So while each unit looks fine, as a group they are just a jumble. I’m not certain the whole will fit on my table when they are done, in any case.

        Comment by gisby — August 3, 2018 @ 15:45

      • “I’m not certain the whole will fit on my table when they are done, in any case”. Ha ha! as they say in the lottery adverts, “NIce problems to have!” 🙂

        Cheers Roger.

        Comment by rantingsfromunder — August 5, 2018 @ 03:10

  2. It’s not an uncommon problem: My Old West town us up around 60 buildings, I’d have to pile them atop one another to use them all. I always over-build.

    Comment by gisby — August 8, 2018 @ 23:26

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