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December 19, 2019

VBCW: Pulp Figures Scots

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(Apologies to Bob Murch, I originally titled this as ‘Pulp Miniatures’ – Sorry)

I started collecting forces and terrain for VBCW gaming after reading AAR’s on the ‘View From the Hill‘ blog, and many discussions with the author.

I recently picked up several packs of figures appropriate for VBCW from Pulp Figures. Mainly known for packs of Pulp Personalities, they are also a good source for various Inter-War troops that cannot be found elsewhere.


These are my Highlanders, painted to match the old Britains Swoppets and Herald Khaki Infantry. I loved them in my youth, and I love the look even now. They are fielded in a 10-man unit.


These are the poses used, without duplicates. They are well-detailed, essentially flash-free, and are a joy to paint. They scale well with my various other VBCW figures.


I also have a Tommy Gunner and a Vickers gunner – I can swap one or both into the unit to give it a bit of ‘punch.’


Otherwise they are attached to the Headquarters.

In case it’s not obvious, I recommend these figures to one and all.

Bob has also sculpted a set of 8th Army miniatures that match perfectly in scale and style, that I will be using to make Spode’s Black Shorts. These are available from Crucible Crush.

Figures used:

PBT 12 Highland Infantry Command

PBT10 Highland Infantry Rifles

PBT11 Highland Special Weapons

PHP18 Rugged Sons of the Empire

December 17, 2019


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No surprise, I have a bunch of RENEGADE Celts. They are tall, hefty figures, well-detailed, and well sculpted. Their swords are a bit big, but could be worse.

The pictures are a bit overexposed,  sorry.


My one and only RENEGADE chariot. Compared to my other chariots, it’s huge. The base is still OK at 40mm width, but it had to be lengthened to fit the chariot.


12 Gallic cavalry. They too tower over my other cavalry, those horses are big. They barely fit on the 20mm x 40mm bases.


3 units of 50 LMI. They are a mix of all the various packs. RENEGADE has/had 4 packs of warriors, plus slingers and archers.


To get maximum variety in the units, I took packs of slingers and archers and converted them to spearmen.


I painted and based them all, then separated them into 50-man units.


I’m left with an extra 16 figures, to be mixed in with some of my other random Celts.renli

There’s a 12-man LI javelin unit converted from archers…. Shields are thumb tacks, javelins are wire.


And 12 archers with no conversion.

Nice figures, and big enough to have held their own against scale creep. I like ’em. I wish RENEGADE was still in production.


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