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May 31, 2020

VBCW: HLBS 8 inch Howitzer

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One of the reasons I enjoy VBCW is that it gives me the opportunity to recreate the toys of my youth as wargames pieces. (I know, if I gamed in 54mm I could just use them)

One piece I was always in love with was the Britains 18-in Howitzer. It was a massive piece, and very impressive to my small eyes. As it turns out, it was actually based on the 8 inch howitzer of the Great War.


As it turns out, the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company produced that gun in a resin and pewter kit. My lovely wife purchased one for my most recent birthday.


The kit assembles well, and the fit between resin and metal is nigh seamless. There is a flaw- The treads on the two wheels should be opposite to one another. I can live with it.

She also purchased the six-man crew. They are accurate and well sculpted, but seem an odd mix without a group purpose. They aren’t loading or firing, or paying any attention to the gun at all. (I am informed that they are in fact based on a photo of an actual gun in action. Sorry Richard!)


The firing platform is built from coffee stirrers, and is based upon…. 8 inch howitzer firing platforms. The table and chairs are doll house furniture, the cat is 3D printed!

It’s a lovely and massive piece – My only complaint is that now the Britains toy looks like a crude piece of crap by comparison.

May 19, 2020

VBCW: Pulp Figures Mounties 3

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A while ago, I made a 10-man RCMP unit for a friend in the UK. I used Pulp Figures Mounties, and I think it turned out well. So much so, I copied it and made one for myself.

But when I was thinking about a unique unit for VBCW, I realized that I wanted the RCMP musical ride. I was making various units based on old Britains toys, and I remembered the Britains Mountie fondly.


First of all, I had to obtain 10 ‘Sgt Prestown of the Yukons.’

He comes armed with a Winchester rifle – A carbine would probably be more likely than a lance, but I wanted my musical ride sweeping the field. So I trimmed away the rifles, and drilled the hands to take lances.

The lances were made from floral wire, and the pennants are paper. I printed the outlines in pale grey and pink, then painted them once they were attached to the lances.


The unit would also probably be wearing khaki serge, and you could paint them that way. But I wanted scarlet.

Photos of the ride shows them riding very dark brown horses, but the old Britains Mountie that inspired all this was riding a black, so my horses are also blacks.


The coats on the figures are rather brighter than my phone seems to show.

The figures were a joy to paint and assemble. I am very pleased with the way the unit turned out.


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