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July 19, 2020

VBCW: BUF Youth Brigade

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When I was starting my VBCW forces, I wanted something unusual. I decided to make a BUF Youth Corps unit. (I have no idea if there really was a BUF Youth Corps)

The Hitler Youth uniform looked very much like the Boy Scout uniform, so I used that as a basis.

Studio Siberia has armed Polish Boy Scouts in their RCW range, and they have a choice of heads. I chose the wedge cap to match those on the BUF uniforms.


The officer figure does not come with a separate head, but they included a spare so I could do the conversion myself.


The uniform colours are based on Hitler Youth uniforms.

bufy1 bufy2

There are a couple of Machine guns available: Both are Austrian Schwarzlosse guns, one on a tripod, and the other mounted on a handcart.


I bought the figures directly from Studio Siberia, and the service was fast and friendly. They sell single figures from sets if you ask. The figures themselves were cleanly cast with no flaws.

July 7, 2020

SPACE 1889: British Cavalry

I was going through a box of figures, and I found a pair of Castaway Arts Sudan-era British cavalrymen. “I know what I can do with these!’ I thought, then remembered that 20+years ago I had bought a unit of British cavalry for use on Mars.


Surprisingly, I was able to stand up, wade through the clutter, and go directly to the container where they nestled, mixed with other forgotten minis.


The figure that started this all: A Castaway Arts British officer. He came with an absolutely beautiful horse, but that’s not what I wanted for him. A bit of bending and filing, and he sat comfortably on a Gashant.

tauntaun-ord1 tauntaun-ord2

The second figure was also from Castaway Arts, I decided to use him as a scout or galloper, mounted on a Tauntaun for speed.


The long-forgotten unit was from the Victorian Classics range (Produced by Frontier.) They were larger than Frontier’s other offerings, and fit in well with RAFM and Foundry of the time.


I had to spread their legs a bit to get them to fit, but fit they did. I was amazed, after 20+ years kicking around in a pile of lead, none were broken – I had been expecting to do some repairs.


I painted them in khaki, but on reflection, they might have looked more impressive in red or blue jackets. The unit as is seems to be all shades of beige.


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