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August 2, 2020

VBCW: Scatter Terrain

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When I started building forces for VBCW, I had plenty of terrain for Near Future, Old West, and Ancients, but nothing right for the English countryside. Rather than spending a bunch of money, I decided to make a bunch of cheap terrain. Then I spent a lot of money, but that’s another post.

They are all made from coffee stirrers, lolly sticks, match sticks, and toothpicks. The bases are MDF, sometimes offcuts that MDF kits have been pressed from, or cut from dollar store clipboards.

The Bee Hives


The bee hives are made from small dollhouse baskets atop wooden blocks. (Note: I have no idea what real bee hives look like) The tree is a cheap Chinese product.


I like them as cover that explodes into a cloud of stinging bees when hit.

The Chicken Coop


Made from coffee stirrers and match sticks, with a pair of ERTL PVC poultry clipped  from their base.

The Pig Pen


An enclosure designed to hold a couple of ERTL pigs. The fence is made from toothpicks and match wood.


The food in the slop bucket is unraveled embroidery floss and mustard seeds. Mustard seeds are useful as apples, onions, potatoes etc. whenever you need to build a fruit or vegetable stall.

They are also useful as pig or horse turds.


I was very pleased with the sty, but I cannot find my ERTL pigs.

Wattle Fencing


These are made with toothpicks and crochet cotton. I soaked the cotton in a mixture of PVA and brown paint, and dragged it through a paper towel to squeeze the excess out. I then let it dry.

The toothpicks are glued into holes 1 cm apart on a strip of MDF. Having learned from the short test piece, the end posts are strengthened at the base with putty, allowed to harden before I weave the fence. (So they don’t start to lean in when I tighten the weave)


When I finish the weave, I paint it with a diluted PVA mix to harden it all. I mitre the ends in a mitre box when it’s all dry, so the sections can butt closely to each other.


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  1. The woven fence is particularly clever. Nice pig pen too. Imagining combat around the pig slop!

    Comment by Graham E Wren — August 2, 2020 @ 18:07

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