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August 20, 2020

Space 1889 – RAFM Martians on Gashants

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TL:DR I bought some Martian figures and put them on the Gashants they were designed for


This unit was actually completely unexpected. I had bought a Baker’s Dozen of the ‘new’ RAFM Gashant, even though I had no cavalry to put on it. I based and painted them, and started looking around for some riders. RAFM made a couple of riders, but they weren’t what I wanted.


Meanwhile, I posted pictures of my British on Gashants on Facebook. A number of the guys responded with pictures of theirs, and one picture was of some lovely armoured cavalry on Gashants. ‘What are those?’ I thought, and then I noticed they had Martian feet.


Apparently I had always looked at the first two cavalry on page 1 of the RAFM catalogue, then ignored the THIRD cavalryman on page 2. He was what I wanted.  I like the figure but not the new Gashants. I feel that they do not display well somehow.

I gave them wire lances and shields from the spares box.

new-gashant-off1 new-gashant-off2

I had a spare Gashant, so I put an officer on it. It’s taken 31 years, and this is the first time I have ever painted the Martian from the Legions set and put him on a Gashant.

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