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March 17, 2022

Barsoom: Heritage Green Martians

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A while ago, a friend confessed to me that he was one figure short for a unit of Heritage Green Martians. So I popped one in the mail and he was happy. (I hope) A couple of weeks later, I found a box full of Heritage Green Martians., and found that I am now TWO short of a full unit. (It’s OK, I have plenty of others, and am negotiating for a pair from Classic Miniatures.)

But I had a mixture of unpainted, half-painted, and old painted Green Martians. I threw paint on the lot, using the old paint as primer, or just touching it up. They aren’t beauties, but they are dam’ near 50 years old. My painting does not enhance them….

I never worried about Heritage’s classification as Tharks, Warhoons, etc. as I would be using them as whatever Greens I needed.

The sword blades are all flat sections of bobby pins, as they don’t bend or break like the soft lead ones did.

There are only 8 of them: This picture is to show the four of them that are the same pose, bent around.

Space 1889: Skrill

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The Skrill in Space 1889 is a nifty design. Unfortunately nobody makes them, or anything much like them. But on MY Mars, any flying nuisance is a Skrill, and there is more than one type.

They are quite useful, as nuisances, as scenery, or as clues (Why are the skrill circling over there?)

lI sourced mine in the Warrior Miniatures 10mm Fantasy range, TTF-2 Flying Dragon and TTF-3 Flying Nalsgul. They come in pairs, so I wound up with 20 in total (far more than pictured, and enough to give the impression of a huge swarm) John also included a larger dragon, from I know not where.

Although I intend them to be used as skrill, they are useful for any ‘Lost World’ game.

As cast, they are quite flat in pose, so bending wings makes a big difference, as does mounting them at different angles.

The bases are washers, with two layers of sintra rocks to support the wire stands. They are quite stable, as the skrill themselves are not large.

They turned out to be exactly what I wanted: Useful, cheap, and fairly unique.

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