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April 25, 2022

VBCW: BUF Cavalry

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Like many others, I am happy to field mounted forces in my VBCW despite the huge numbers of machine guns I have available to my units. Am I optimistic or foolhardy? Only time will tell.

One of the first I made was my BUF Cavalry, although I suppose they are more of a mounted infantry force, purchased during a sale at Footsore Miniatures. The miniatures are well sculpted and cast, with little or no flash.

The mounted troops come in packs of three poses, as do the mounted command. This is handy if you are building 12-man units, but with 10-man units I wound up with a couple of extra figures.

The figure on the left is made to take a wire standard pole, which I did not do. I am not certain why, given my love for units with flags. I have a choice of Officer or NCO to command the unit.


Of course a mounted infantry unit needs a dismounted version. I can also field them as BUF infantry if needed.


The vaguely blurry photos (and my painting skills) do not do the figures justice.

There are a few extra figures, useful as scouts, observers, or command troops. The fellow attempting to fist-bump the officer is another standard bearer. (The fellow on the right was the third figure from the HMG set)

April 23, 2022


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The BUF are handy Villains in the VBCW world – Depending on your tastes they can be brutal and efficient, or cowardly buffoons, or anything in between. They let you have SS-light, without the social stigma of swastikas.

Generally they are done all in black, so they look sinister and fascistic. I have a general aversion to all-black clothing, so MY BUF wears natty blue tunics and hats, piped red.

Standard Bearer and Officer

These figures are from Footsore Miniatures, and are among the few VBCW figures I have that are actually intended for VBCW. In general they are clean sculpts, and well cast with no flash.

Officer and Observers/Scouts

The figures come in packs of three or four, so I wound up with a few extra troops to use as HQ types, Scouts, etc.

They produce infantry, Vickers gunners, HMGs and cavalry (As well as a complete range of non-BUF VBCW figures!)

VBCW: Renegade Militia

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I was never a big fan of the Renegade Austrians. The figures were fine, I suppose I was just never a big fan of the ‘look’ of the Austrian troops. But I have a bunch of them, so I may as well paint a few for use in VBCW. 


For my first attempt, I decided to paint a unit all in black. I’m not sure how much I like them. I was originally going to paint them with silver buttons and red detail work, but the red details just made them look like Nazis, and the silver buttons made them look like they were wearing leather fetish gear.


So they wound up a rather dull black. (Ironically, my lacquer didn’t come out very dull, so they look shiny.)

Renegade didn’t make any command figures, so I had to convert an officer. I removed the rifle from a shouting rifleman and substituted a pistol.

VBCW: The Rani’s Bodyguard

When fighting broke out, the young Rani of Kandibar brought her bodyguard to England to support the Crown. She has led these stalwart sons of the Empire herself, with no concern for her own safety.

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Pulp Figures released a set of ‘Dangerous Dames‘ that contained The Rani. She cried out to be in my VBCW. The two figures with her are her personal bodyguard and her loyal Vizier, both figures from the ‘Thugs’ pack.

Although intended for my VBCW campaign, they will also prove useful in Pulp, Colonial, or VSF games – Will they be allies or enemies?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rani2.jpg

The bodyguard unit is WW1 Sikh infantry from Woodbine Designs. They come in packs of 10 assorted poses, available with either Sikh or Hindu heads. There are plenty of poses, so you probably won’t get two the same. (I specifically asked for only certain poses)

The fit is great, and they are a joy to assemble and paint.

NB: The region of ‘Kandibar’ is not my joke, I stole it. I stole it so long ago I don’t remember whose campaign I stole it from. All credit goes to the original author.

VBCW: Regulars in Broderick Caps

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I have a great affection for the Woodbine Studios WW1 range: They are lovely little sculpts, and given the choice of (separate) heads available useful for many troop types and campaigns. I also use their heads to improve other figures. They are also useful for WW1, who knew?

The infantry comes in a set of ten, mixed random poses, command and support troops come in packs of four. I always request advancing/running poses, and ask for NO firing or marching poses. They have always been quite accommodating. They also have HMGs and Artillery.

Here’s a selection of the riflemen, in this case, wearing Broderick caps. They are useful as Naval troops or Marines.

Here are a Lewis Gun team (Gunner and Assistant, carrying extra drums) and an Officer, also appropriate for Marines or Navy. I’m pleased with the unit, and the Broderick cap gives them a unique look.

This is the other half of the Lewis Gun set, done for another unit. There are 18 head choices available, so you can have a LOT of individual units.

I find these a pleasure to paint. No idea why, but when painting them, they seem sort of blah, until I get to a certain stage, then suddenly, they are great! Have a look at them, they have great possibilities.

April 22, 2022

VBCW: Scout and Machine-Gun Carriers

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Before there was a Universal Carrier, there were several specialised carriers in service with the British forces. The most common were the Bren, or Machine-Gun Carrier, and the Scout Carrier, and these are perfect in time frame for the VBCW.

Machine Gun Carrier

Mine are 3D printed models from Butler’s Printed Models. The service was great, the prices good, and the models are great. Each was a single-piece, with a number of supports to trim away, but nothing difficult.

Machine Gun Carrier

The Machine Gun Carrier comes without any weaponry – The rear crew compartment is on the left – The right side is completely open.

Scout Carrier

The Scout Carrier comes with a Boys anti-tank rifle in place. The rear troop compartment is on the right, and is similar to that of the Universal Carrier. The left side is open, almost a mirror of the MG Carrier.

Scout Carrier

I have a particular conceit about my VBCW vehicles and guns: I try to paint them as if they were Dinky or Crescent die-cast toys from the period. It’s cheaper and easier than searching out originals (If they were even made) and it keeps me from falling into the trap of AFV modelling rather than wargame modeling. – Nothing WRONG with it, but it’s not the look I am after.

The lack of crews is very apparent, so I made crews for the vehicles. I took the torso from a Plastic WW1 German, and added legs and arms from putty. I also modified the collar to accept Woodbine Design WW1 British heads. (Above is a body before the arms were slimmed down, but with head attached)

Dry fit of driver

I made a blue-stuff mould, and cast six crew bodies from putty. It’s easier to sand than plastic or metal, so you can get your crew to fit in some oddly small spaces.

They aren’t beautiful, but the crew figures on Dinky vehicles weren’t beautiful either. That being said, the Woodbine heads improve them greatly. (It also means I can use these same bodies with different heads for different vehicles)

I added a HMG to the front of the MG Carrier. I am not certain it would work, but it counts in the rules the same as a Bren, so it does not matter.

The rear crew compartment was rather tiny, so it took a lot of filing to get him to fit. I also had to be careful with my sanding, so the crew would sit upright and not lean in any direction.

There was a mount on the back, so I added a floral wire aerial.

All in all, I am pleased with how they turned out. The models themselves were great (and Butlers has a lot to choose from) and the crews really make them ‘mine.’

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