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August 9, 2020

Alternative Armies Midsummer Druidess

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hippy1 hippy2

This figure is Alternative Armies FL24-01 Midsummer Druidess. She’s a nice little casting, in an easy-to-work-with resin. Why easy-to-work-with? Have a look:


As cast, she’s a clean, solid piece, posed with one hip cocked a bit. (On a thick base)


But if you remove her staff, you find that her left hip is about a head’s-width wider than her right, and she’s rather deformed.

hips2 hips3 hips4

So I took my handy razor saw, removed her left leg, and cut a section out of the centre. I discarded the centre bit, and glued the leg back on.

hips5 hips6

A small bit of filling and a new staff, and she is completed. The resin was easy to work with, and the parts all joined neatly with almost no filling needed. (This is the figure from their website: Mine is the poorly-painted example at the top.)

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