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February 19, 2022

WW1: Mark V British Tank

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Years ago, I was Renegade‘s webmaster, a job that came with lots of figures. But one day, they announced that they were selling 1/56 resin WW1 tanks – They were originally from Brigade Games in the USA. Since I had both early and late WW1 British armies, they sent me one.

It’s a Mark V ‘female’ tank, armed only with machine guns. There were no rails for unditching beams, no steering trail, just a lovely, rather plain-looking tank. It is still available through Brigade Games.

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Although I was delighted with the model, it sat in a box for many years, until I started painting my surplus WW1 figures for VBCW.

It was pleasant enough to build, and well-fitting, with no bubbles in the castings. Detail was crisp and the castings clean and without flash.

There was a one-piece hull, and two track sections, with locators so you could not misalign them. The two sponsons fitted in the sides (and could be replaced with the ‘male’ sponsons, as in real life) two cylindrical MG mounts fitted into each sponson (from the inside)

The five MGS were provided in white metal, and were quite delicate, so I made new assemblies from floral wire. There was also an exhaust system in white metal, which I also replaced with wire.

Some rudimentary research suggested that the British painted their tanks brown in WW1, so brown it was. If I am wrong, I still have a brown tank. It’s a lovely kit, a joy to build, and very satisfying to deploy on the table.

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