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February 17, 2022

Barsoom: Light Flyer

For years this was the only model flyer I had: It was nice enough. but even with all the interior removed, it could only hold three figures on 20mm bases.


It was originally a Tatooine Sand Skiff by Galoob, designed for much smaller figures. I added some low wire railings and safety ropes, and four wire rings that I used to hang it above the wargames table. While it looked good hanging there, it liked to swing and tip the figures out.


But it does make a good private boat or light patrol craft. The crew shown are from Bronze Age Miniatures.


I made a base for it using dowels (The toy already had holes the right size for them) and the base plate from a RedVectors Small Martian Flyer.


I made the base the same height as the RedVectors base, and here are the two side by side. The similarities in style are obvious.

It’s a nice little flyer, and will be useful for Barsoom or SPACE 1889.

Barsoom: Bronze Age Miniatures

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Bronze Age Miniatures has a great selection of miniatures appropriate for Barsoom and other ‘Sword and Planet’ style games.bonz1

There are Character types, Warriors, Assassins, and Barsoomian beasts.


Both the Warriors and Assassins have a mixture of scantily-clad men and womenbonz3bonz4bonz5

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February 14, 2018

Barsoom: Small Martian Flyer


This is the RedVectors Small Martian Flyer, as seen in my post ‘SPACE 1889: Small Martian Flyer.’

It’s 7″ long, with a bit of crowding, you can fit 12 figures on the decks on 20mm bases. Since this release, they have developed a 10″ and 16″ version, with similar styling.


It’s a lovely kit, inexpensive, and goes together into a sorta-Star-Wars-inspired little skiff. The fit is excellent, and it’s still a pretty simple build. There is also an optional section for a front gun mount provided, but I chose not to use it.


The original stand was not very stable: This picture shows how I modifiedit. (The ship now comes with a longer, more stable base)


I’ll be using it for Barsoom and SPACE 1889 both. It’s just a great little kit of a generic small flyer. I recommend that you paint the rails and trim pieces before assembly, it makes for a much neater finish.


Here it is beside a smaller Galoob Sand Skiff. The style is very similar. The crews shown are from Bronze Age Miniatures.

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July 20, 2017

Forgotten Heroes: Distracterella

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I first read of the ‘Forgotten Heroes Challenge‘ on Roger Webb’s blog, Rantings From Under the Wargames Table (Well worth a read, BTW). The challenge is to make a figure of a hero, for whom there is no decent figure available. And it has to be finished in June.

As it turns out, I had a figure that fit the bill, and was done in June. It just took me this long to take a picture.


She is Distracterella, from the webcomic League of Superredundant Heroes. She is a Villainess whose power is to distract with her body. (It is revealed that the blue part of her costume is in fact body paint, and the stars are removable.)

The base figure is a female dolly from Bronze Age Miniatures. I added hair, and all else is paint.

So yes, she’s late, but I don’t care.



June 5, 2017

Barsoom: Green Martians

I bought a bunch of Bronze Age Miniatures Green Martians. (Not what they call them, but…) I like them. They are very animated, and loaded with decorated harness. There are a few spots where the strap detail is a bit soft, usually caused by the extra arms crossing the body.

Note: The figures are all the same size, the pictures are not all to scale.

brzthark brzthark8

I drilled the heads and inserted pins for the peculiar Green Martian ears, and I think it improved the look. The greens I used for the skin are a bit dark to show up well in these pictures, a problem with many of my figures.

brzthark1 brzthark5

The figures are multi-part, with separate heads, arms, and many loose weapons. The arms at least benefited from pinning, and there were some gaps to fill. (These may have been the result of my attaching the arm at the wrong angle)


They came without bases, but had pegs on their feet that would fit onto the holes on many plastic bases. I used larger fender washers as bases.

brzthark4 brzthark2

There are several variants I do not have, and some I do have are positioned differently on their site, so you can build a good-sized force with no two the same.

brzthark7 brzthark9


September 18, 2016

Barsoom: A Few Beasts


A Bronze Age Miniatures Banth. Rawr!


Bronze Age Miniatures Calot. He’s not exactly how I pictured a Calot, but I like him.


This is a plastic ‘Pathfinder Battles—Reign of Winter: Wolliped‘  that I use as an Apt. Strictly speaking, he doesn’t look like an Apt, but whenever anyone sees him they go ‘Ah! An Apt!’


He’s the male, I gave him a mane so you could tell him from his harem.

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