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August 8, 2022

Barsoom: Green Martians galore

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45 or so years ago, I bought some Heritage Green Martians. At the time they weren’t cheap (I was poor) but I wound up with a few. Then Heritage went out of business.

My solution? I sculpted a Green Martian of my own, made to match the Heritage figures in size, though not in style. Mine was not better, but it was not the same. I cast a bunch, but of course never painted them. I managed to finish three, but gave one away. (and one Heritage at the same time)

Years later, Classic Miniatures released the old Heritage Green Martians, and I bought a pair to ‘finish’ the unit (for rules I no longer played) and O, I wished for the old prices again…..

But today, I united the newly-painted with the old, and within seconds, had TWO suddenly-complete units after 45 years of none. (Not true! I have a unit of Bronze Age Martians, and they make both of these hide their faces)

COMPLETE Heritage unit

But I still love the Heritage figures of my youth. My paint is not great, but I am trying to match the style of the older figures.

COMPLETE Homecast unit

My figures are no great sculpts, but they say that quantity is its own quality, and they look OK en masse – They are after all spear carriers at best.

More Barsoom Beasts

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The creatures of Barsoom are fierce and terrifying, and have been copied in many lesser works of fiction. They can be found in the wilderness, or deep under cities, both inhabited and abandoned. They will provide a challenge to adventurers, and a change from the usual sword duels.

The Banth is a fierce predator, referred to as a ‘Martian Lion’ it tracks it’s prey tirelessly on it’s ten strong legs, and is feared by both man and beast.

This is the Banth first made by Heritage, 45 years ago, and recently made available again through Classic Miniatures.

It’s a single piece casting, and it has not aged particularly well. It seems a bit crude compared to other offerings, and it’s not the fault of the new moulds. (Because of better metal they are crisper than the originals) But remember, when this miniature was released, it was world-class sculpting.

The face has a definite Asian look, with curling whiskers like a Fu dog.

They were also sculpting before there was epoxy putty

Even the Green Warriors were wary of the White Apes of Barsoom. Gigantic in size, they had six limbs and an aggressive nature.

This figure is a 3D printed White Ape. (three views) It matches well in size with the Bronze Age apes and the D&D plastic Grillahs, although its head seems to be a bit smaller in proportion.

The pose is dynamic, and could be modified easily with a saw and glue. There are apparently three poses in the file, and this is just one.

There are Giant Spiders in the Valley Hohr, and deep in the tunnels under many cities – Who knows where else they may be found?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spid2.jpg

These are the Wargames Atlantic Giant Spiders, and they are horrifying in aspect but fun to assemble. They come 12 in a box, perfect if you want to use them as mounts for depraved cultists from a lost city. There are also smaller spiders (not the ones under the big guys in the photos) and web-wrapped victims included as well.

The set includes mechanical arms and SF weapons for those of a more SF and less VSF bent. (Although they would be great for Barsoom, where weird science was the norm.)

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