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April 25, 2022

VBCW: BUF Cavalry

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Like many others, I am happy to field mounted forces in my VBCW despite the huge numbers of machine guns I have available to my units. Am I optimistic or foolhardy? Only time will tell.

One of the first I made was my BUF Cavalry, although I suppose they are more of a mounted infantry force, purchased during a sale at Footsore Miniatures. The miniatures are well sculpted and cast, with little or no flash.

The mounted troops come in packs of three poses, as do the mounted command. This is handy if you are building 12-man units, but with 10-man units I wound up with a couple of extra figures.

The figure on the left is made to take a wire standard pole, which I did not do. I am not certain why, given my love for units with flags. I have a choice of Officer or NCO to command the unit.


Of course a mounted infantry unit needs a dismounted version. I can also field them as BUF infantry if needed.


The vaguely blurry photos (and my painting skills) do not do the figures justice.

There are a few extra figures, useful as scouts, observers, or command troops. The fellow attempting to fist-bump the officer is another standard bearer. (The fellow on the right was the third figure from the HMG set)

April 23, 2022


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The BUF are handy Villains in the VBCW world – Depending on your tastes they can be brutal and efficient, or cowardly buffoons, or anything in between. They let you have SS-light, without the social stigma of swastikas.

Generally they are done all in black, so they look sinister and fascistic. I have a general aversion to all-black clothing, so MY BUF wears natty blue tunics and hats, piped red.

Standard Bearer and Officer

These figures are from Footsore Miniatures, and are among the few VBCW figures I have that are actually intended for VBCW. In general they are clean sculpts, and well cast with no flash.

Officer and Observers/Scouts

The figures come in packs of three or four, so I wound up with a few extra troops to use as HQ types, Scouts, etc.

They produce infantry, Vickers gunners, HMGs and cavalry (As well as a complete range of non-BUF VBCW figures!)

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