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February 25, 2022

VBCW: Great War Scottish Infantry

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This is another unit built just because I wanted to paint the figures, sort of. They are Great Wars Miniatures WW1 Scottish infantry. I bought them for VCW use, but they will of course fit in my WW1 forces as well.

Looking through a website one day, I found some lovely WW1 Scots in Glengarry caps. They looked to be nice sculpts, but for some reason they were not available. I was sad about this, because the uniform looked great. But imagine my joy to find figures in the same dress order in the Great War catalogue. The figures looked to be just as good, at a better price, and in production. So because I saw one set of figures, I bought these instead.

I bought them, and I was not disappointed. They are single-piece castings, well detailed and cleanly cast. Of course there were extra figures left over from the packs I purchased – I still have surplus figures, but at least they are painted!

I also bought the matching HMG so they would have some support. (But mostly because I like making HMGs) It goes together well, and looks good, I think.

So I painted these figures because I wanted to paint different figures, but that’s how I roll.

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