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February 19, 2022

VBCW: Pankhurst Battalion

Like many gamers, I have a fascination for all-female units, especially in eras and armies that had none. I’d prefer to not go into the psychology behind it, but I cannot deny it.

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Minifigs has, in their Matchlock MiniaturesForgotten Front‘ range, four uniformed females for a ‘Pankhurst’ Battalion. The uniforms appear to be based on WW1-era nursing uniforms with webbing added, and they look the part. They are single-piece castings, and generally cleanly cast. I only chose to use one casting for the ranks, as the other is a firing pose, and the last is a standard bearer. (But she is a rather dynamic figure!)

As supplied, their rifles and bayonets are rather flimsy and prone to breakage. I strengthened them with putty, but didn’t file them down enough, so the bayonets look like cleavers.

The Officer is blowing a whistle and waving an umbrella rather than a sword, a rather charming touch.

The figures are fairly tall and hefty, giving a definitely Amazonian feel to the unit. They may not fit well with a lot of figures, or you can just not worry about it.

Overall a pleasing unit, and I am happy with it. I’d use it in Victorian or Pulp settings as well.

May 2, 2019

Women’s Battalion of Death

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During the Great War the Russians formed fifteen all-female units for service on the German Front. It was felt that they would revitalize the Russian forces, and inspire the men to further valour. It is unlikely that any of these units was ever fully-equipped or recruited, although 500 women were sent to the front, where they saw no combat.

Like many other gamers, I don’t really care, I just want an interesting unit for my Russian forces.


There are two companies making suitable figures for this unit: I chose the figures from Studio Siberia Miniatures in Russia. Size-wise, both makers are about the same, but Siberia are far superior sculpts. They have a total of six poses plus a dog. (The Siberia website lists them as a pack, but they will sell any singles you want) I chose all-advancing figures for my unit.


They are not’sexy’ versions of normal soldiers as you often see in female gaming miniatures, these are sturdy peasant stock, and actually look like the troops in period photos.

They are cleanly cast, in good metal, and I have had several orders from them, shipped to Canada, with no problems whatsoever. 

The other manufacturer is Minifigs and they have two figures available. Their officer is quite nice, energetic and well-sculpted. I am not so fond of their charging infantry woman.


For more information: Wikipedia



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