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October 6, 2016

Irregular Miniatures Celts

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These are Irregular Miniatures Celts, the three Command figures plus some of the variants of IP29 and IP30. They provide a nice 15-figure General and bodyguard unit.


These are the Command figures (IP40 a, b, c), unmodified except for replacing the standard shaft with wire.


The spearmen come with open hands for the wire spears supplied.


I have heard Irregular described as ‘Old School’ wargaming figures, and I suppose they are. But Irregular was providing codes with head, equipment, and pose variations long before it became fashionable.


It’s actually nice to see figures that aren’t waving their arms about pointlessly: They fit on their bases and rank up nicely.



August 5, 2016

Phagon Battle Clones

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Nothing much to add: It’s a bunch of Phagon Battle Clones from Moonraker Miniatures. I’m a big fan of the range (and the Phagons themselves.) They are a joy to paint, and paint up so very well.

phbc5 phbc4

I’m using them as proxies for Chigg troops from ‘Space: Above and Beyond.’ They don’t really look a lot like the Chiggs except for being aliens in armour, but they look good, and that’s more important.


The bodies are dark gunmetal, washed with black, and lightly highlighted with steel. The bronze weapons and copper trim make them quite dazzling in daylight, I wish the photos showed it better.


Their eyes are painted gold, with a translucent layer of red over them: I was hoping for an amazing effect, or depth, but it just looks red.


Like the Chiggs, they have troopers with heavy blades instead of bayonets. Very cool.

July 30, 2016

SPACE 1889 again

More of my Martian Mania: Martians for SPACE 1889. None of them were made to be Martians, yet somehow, they fit in well enough.

I’m starting new projects and finishing old ones. Loads of fun.

elfsera2 elfsera1

The first figures are Elfsera Elves, available as prepainted figures from eM-4 Miniatures.


I replaced all their weapons with swords, and gave most of them shields.


This is an old Ral Partha Elf. He too got a new sword and shield.


A Grenadier Elf from Doug at Moonraker Miniatures.


These are old, probably Frontier. They were sort of beat up. so I gave them new weapons and shields.




May 30, 2016

Amazon Peltasts

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When Moonraker Miniatures made the Ludus Gladiators available, I was pleased as punch. I had wanted to make a unit of peltasts from their female gladiator (GLAD07) but she was only available as part of a pre-painted set.

Now it was possible to do so.


I replaced the swords with wire javelins.


Because the figures have a wide metal belt and strap-on greaves, they look more Italian than Greek, so I tried to paint the tunics appropriately. But since they are fantasy figures (Amazons) so long as they are colourful they look OK.


They are based as regular LMI for WRG 6th ed.


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