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August 20, 2015

Flint & Feather Huron Warriors – A review and a WIP

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I have finished my first batch of Huron/Iroquois warriors, and I want to show them off. (They are not of course my FIRST Huron/Iroquois, I had plenty of the old RAFM ‘Flint & Feather’ range.) These are the first from Bob Murch’s NEW ‘Flint & Feather range, released recently at Historicon. They are available through ‘Crucible Crush.’

Bob was inspired by reading Joseph Boyden’s ‘Orenda,’  a novel about warfare between the Huron and Iroquois peoples. Bob really was inspired, they are just cracking miniatures. I have hardly done them justice at all. (Although I have labelled them as Hurons, they are suitable for either Nation.)

They are from the earliest period of European contact, so there are no guns or steel weapons to be seen. As always, the anatomy is spot on, and poses are natural and interesting.


My painting ‘style’ is to base coat various areas, then highlight them, then do various coloured washes to bring out details. These figures are very well designed for this style: The detail is crisp and well defined. I was daunted at first (especially after seeing Bob’s paint) but I found them a joy to paint and I am quite pleased with the resulthuro7 huro4

I am a bit disappointed with the how the shield looks in the picture above: I gave it a subtle wash that just hasn’t shown well. I am pleased with the effect, I am not pleased with the photo.

huro5 huro6

My skin tones are darker than a lot of Native American figures I see on the internet. Most seem just too light for people that spend their lives outdoors. (I tan darker than most of the native figures I see. I may well be wrong.)

Howard Whitehouse and Roderick Robertson are writing a set of rules (‘Flint & Feather‘) to accompany the range, designed for forces of about 12 figures a side. The link goes to a description of the rules, they seem quite interesting.

Overall, I recommend this range. I like the figures, I like the style, and I like the sculpting. Buy them. Then they will make more.

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