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February 17, 2022

Old Glory Arthurian Warband

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Many years ago I picked up a copy of Simon McDowell’s ‘Romans Goths, and Huns‘, a book on gaming the Age of Migrations. (Note, various editions change the order of the names*) It was a great little book, with rules, scenarios, and figure ideas, and I found it quite inspirational. now, 30 years later I wanted to try them out, so I made a few units for the game. (You can just use WRG-based units, of course.)


These are Old Glory Arthurian infantry. They are in a mix of armour and equipment, and are beginning to show their age. Some of the poses are a bit dodgy, and they require some care to rank up in units.


The shields are hand-painted and look far better from a distance (40 feet or so). The banner is Saint Cassandra, Nostra Domina de Motu Perpetuo. It’s based on a banner I made for use in the SCA.

I like the unit well enough, but it isn’t anything special – It probably would have looked better with shield decals rather than hand-painted Chi-ros.

* Simon McDowell later released the Comitatus rules, covering the same period, well worth a look.

Old Glory Gothic Cavalry

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This is a unit of (mostly) Old Glory Gothic Cavalry – I actually intend to use them as Franks, but they’ll do as pretty much any Germanic cavalry of the era.

They are on the whole a good set: Not badly sculpted, poses aren’t bad, and they look like what they are supposed to be. They look good as a unit, without any christ-on-a-cross poses.

I replaced the leader’s horse with a rearing horse, but the dramatic aspect seems to be totally lost. Oh well. The hornist is by far the worst pose, but a slung shield hides many sins.

The spears and banner pole are made from floral wire, hammered flat at the end and clipped to a point. The shields are separate, so you can vary the angles a bit.

Old Glory cavalry packs are ten figures strong, and I needed twelve figures for the unit, so I had to search through my spares for a couple of figures to round out the unit.

The outside pair of figures on this stand are from Irregular Miniatures. I clipped their shields off and replaced them with Old Glory shields, and they mix perfectly. Both they and their horses are similar in size and heft.

They won’t win any prizes, and probably not many battles, but I still like them. I don’t really enjoy painting cavalry, but all in all, they weren’t so bad.

November 17, 2020

Old Glory Franks

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A while ago, I saw an auction on eBay, someone was auctioning off a couple of packs of Old Glory Franks. (or Old Glory for more pictures) He had some very good pictures of the miniatures (far better than either Old Glory site has) and they were pretty darn nice. So I ordered a couple of sets.


They have two Frankish sets, PLF-01 Infantry with axes, and PLF-02 Infantry with angon – both include command figures. All are dressed in tunics and trousers, some with cloaks or fur vests. Their hair is in various styles of Suebian knot.


The sets come with a mix of large, Viking-style shields, and smaller (they call them Gothic) shields. I specifically asked them to supply the smaller shields.


The Gallic Wars range also has a number of packs of Early Germans, most of which will work as earlier (or wilder) Franks, if you order them with the ‘Gothic’ shields. Have a look at CWG-31 Germans with One Handed Axes. (I did not use any here)


I replaced all the spears with wire spears, and mixed the two packs for variety.

I was four figures short for the units, so each has two figures from PAA-02 Romano-British Infantry, which match well in size and style.

August 8, 2020

VBCW: Old Glory Militia

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I bought a pack of Old Glory Boxer Rebellion British Marines, because they looked like they’d make good-looking militia troops. With 30 figures in a bag, I would get 3 units.


The first unit I painted in khaki, and they wound up looking like WW2 Home Guard. I really like the look of the unit. I gave the bugler a slung rifle over his shoulder, even though you can’t see it at this angle.


The second unit is in RAF blue: they can be used as RAF ground troops, or as a citizen’s militia. There were only two buglers in the bag, so they don’t have a bugler.


The third unit is in field grey: they can be BUF Auxiliaries, or more militia. Since there were only two officers in the bag, I had to convert a bugler into an officer.

I really like the look of these units. Although well cast, being Old Glory there are a few wonky head poses, and they arrived bent in every direction. But they straightened out without breaking.

EDIT: In response to some questions, here’s a comparison shot with stuff I had close to hand.


Left to right: Moonraker, Woodbine, Old Glory, Irregular, Renegade.

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