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March 6, 2017

SPACE 1889: Gun Carrier

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Martian artillery is primitive by modern standards: Heavy and unwieldy. But they have an advantage we do not have…. Liftwood. They don’t need to drag heavy guns through sand and rocky terrain, they can just pull it with no problems.

The gun carrier is a simple platform fitted with liftwood, operated by a trimsman who hovers the gun 6 or so feet above the ground. It can then be pulled by whatever creatures or troops you have handy. It won’t get bogged down or break axles, and it’s less tiring for those hauling it.


Because it’s only hovering at a low altitude, and carrying a comparitively light load, it can be made using low-quality, scrap, or past-it’s-best liftwood, and the trimsman doesn’t need to be awfully skilled.

For best stability, the gun should be in a rigid frame, but they can also be hung from ropes.

Of course the same concept can be used for carrying freight, or for making smooth-riding carriages.

It’s not supposed to be a cheap flying gun-platform, or a piece of game-beating technology, more a bit of local colour.

It could also be a ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ plot point, where stranded travelers build a ‘life raft’ from bits of a crashed flyer and hope the wind will blow them to safety, barely skimming the ground.


June 18, 2016

Mystery Pin

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Hi. I am asking for a friend of a friend: Can anyone identify this pin?

She believes it is Polish, WW2 era, and originally had a crown, removed when the unit became part of the British forces.

Please feel free to email me, or to post any ideas in the comments section.


February 9, 2016

Updates to ‘The Mexican Adventure’

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Many years ago, I bought Preben Kannick’s ‘Military Uniforms of the World’ and was fascinated by the fact that somehow France had invaded Mexico. (I was 13) This led to a fascination with the war that increased as time went by.

Years later, I was gathering any information that I could, for use in Wargaming. Uniforms, flags, rules were all interesting, and a lot of people seemed to be doing similar research. I started putting information online (with permission) so that others could use it as well. I wrote almost nothing, it’s all the work of people far more talented than I am. The resulting website: ‘The Mexican Adventure.’


Michael Provost is a Belgian author and illustrator, best known for his French-Language graphic novels: “Mission au Pays des Collines” and “Tacambaro” which chronicle the adventures of Remi Tambour, a young drummer in the Belgian Grenadiers. He has a blog as well.


Michel has recently sent a bunch of illustrations of the Belgian Legion in Maximilian’s service. They have been added to his already huge selection of period uniforms.

They can be found here: Uniforms : Michel Provost

There are also new photos added to the French, Austrian, and Flag Photos pages.


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