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December 6, 2008

Review: Arnica Montana Buildings

Arnica MontanaAlthough I usually like to make my own Old West buildings, I recently picked up a few
from Arnica Montana.

When they arrived, I was sad: They were far nicer than I had expected, and I had not ordered anywhere near enough of them!

I was hard-pressed to choose where to start. More…


August 18, 2008

Darkest Africa: The Shostim Trading Company

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I’m a slug. A lazy slug. I had an idea for a birthday gift for my pal Chick, and it took two years to finish it.

In this time, I did a lot of other stuff: A half dozen websites, masters for 50+ miniatures, painted about 1000 figures. In the end, I decided to just FINISH it, and it took… 3 days. It was sitting at that stage for months. I am a slug. More…

August 13, 2008

Darkest Africa: Native huts

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African Huts

When Foundry first started their Darkest Africa range, I was quite excited. The possibilities for adventure in the great untamed continent seemed endless. And so it has proven.

So of course I needed to make some scenery for my games. Where better to start than huts? A quick internet search showed a wide variety of native buildings: I chose these because they are so generic. More…

August 12, 2008

Darkest Africa: King’s Hall. An Ideal first Project

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African King's Hall

This was a simple piece inspired by a papier mache box sold in a craft store. It has a plain rectangular bottom, but the lid was a gabled roof-shape with overhanging eaves. It is structurally strong, and is pre-made with a removeable roof. There are several sizes available, including some I have looked at for European buildings.

I originally bought it years ago to make into a Dark Ages Hall (which wouldn’t reallyhave been all that different) but looking through Stanley’s Darkest Africa books I saw a similar structure and was thus inspired. More…

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