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October 1, 2014

Sailor Girls in Africa

I had a scenario planned, in which the Governor’s six daughters were kidnapped by natives, and the players had to rush around the table to rescue them before the Natives could involve them in a fiery sacrifice.

When I saw the Hinterland sailors, they were perfect for the role (Except for being well-armed, but I could live with that) Naval-styled clothes were quite fashionable as outdoor wear, so they don’t look out of place.


But I needed a sixth figure, of a younger girl.  Hasslefree has a selection of younger figures, both armed and unarmed, all beautifully sculpted. I went with HA010 Katie, modifying her somewhat.


I added a longer skirt and sun hat, and replaced her arms. She now clutches a Mauser broom handle and a dolly.

I’m more than pleased with the group, and recommend both ranges.

Hinterland has a range of alternate WW1 female soldiers, all well-sculpted and animated.

Hasslefree has a large range of SF and Fantasy figures, all superb.

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