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February 9, 2016

Updates to ‘The Mexican Adventure’

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Many years ago, I bought Preben Kannick’s ‘Military Uniforms of the World’ and was fascinated by the fact that somehow France had invaded Mexico. (I was 13) This led to a fascination with the war that increased as time went by.

Years later, I was gathering any information that I could, for use in Wargaming. Uniforms, flags, rules were all interesting, and a lot of people seemed to be doing similar research. I started putting information online (with permission) so that others could use it as well. I wrote almost nothing, it’s all the work of people far more talented than I am. The resulting website: ‘The Mexican Adventure.’


Michael Provost is a Belgian author and illustrator, best known for his French-Language graphic novels: “Mission au Pays des Collines” and “Tacambaro” which chronicle the adventures of Remi Tambour, a young drummer in the Belgian Grenadiers. He has a blog as well.


Michel has recently sent a bunch of illustrations of the Belgian Legion in Maximilian’s service. They have been added to his already huge selection of period uniforms.

They can be found here: Uniforms : Michel Provost

There are also new photos added to the French, Austrian, and Flag Photos pages.


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