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August 21, 2017

SPACE 1889: Charging Cavalry Archers


This unit is made from ex-Grenadier Elf Cavalry from Forlorn Hope Games mounted on riding beasts from Traveler. (I call them tauntauns because they look like them)

Even though they are merrily waving their swords around, they are a unit of mounted archers. They have quivers on their backs, and bows in cases slung behind their saddles. (The bowcases fit like the saddle was made for them)


Like all my Martian units, they are uniformed in ‘off’ colours I’d never use for human uniforms.

The rider comes in two parts: below the waist, and above, joined with a swivel-y waist so you can choose the angle of the top half. The figures are mostly unmodified: Their legs are bent so they are seated more knees-up to fit the saddle, and they are joined at the waist at a different angle than they would be on a horse. Otherwise they’d be leaning back, staring at the sky.


Originally I had intended to mount them on ex-Ral Partha Hexatrixes, (used as thoats) but after I had completed three thoat Cavalry, I got distracted. I THOUGHT I had finished the unit, but I had not. I used the thoats for a different unit.

I realized my mistake after I thought I was finished my Martians. I found three lonely riders on mounts, and realized I had never finished the unit. In a box I found a unit’s wort of tauntauns waiting for riders,  so that was that. I even had to rip finished riders off their thoats and put them on new mounts.

thoatsw1 thoatsw2

This is the first group of figures I did for this unit. I think they looked good on the thoats, but maybe they are better on the tauntauns.



  1. Another smashing unit, I have to say I think they look better on the “tauntauns” , but that might just be that I prefer those mounts to the thoats.

    Cheers Roger.

    Comment by rantingsfromunder — August 22, 2017 @ 13:56

  2. Thanks Roger….

    I have to agree, I much prefer the Tauntauns to the Thoats. They look like they’ll have a much more amusing gait, and their faces are adorable. They also fit in wit Gashants and Raptors as being bipedal riding beasts, so fit better thematically.

    Comment by gisby — August 22, 2017 @ 16:00

  3. Wow, those are very nice! Honestly, I am not sure which mount I prefer. The thoats are more ‘canon’ for ERB’s Barsoom, of course, but the ‘tauntauns’ are more in line with the Space: 1889 lore. And, I think, the tauntauns are the better sculpt. So I guess I will side with the tauntauns.

    At any rate, that’s my tuppence worth, and another well done to you sir!


    Comment by Dickinson, TX — September 13, 2017 @ 09:21

    • Wow, been a while since I posted here. Forgot how to do it properly. here you go…

      -J (again)

      Comment by Victoria's Boys in Red — September 13, 2017 @ 09:22

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